A snapshot before Pacman's stomach explodes.

The Big-Bang, also described as Pacman's Critical Mass, is the split second of time in which the entire universe was created; an event in which Pacman engulfed so much matter that his stomach exploded violently in a burst of energy. Originally detailed in the first Pac-Manian bible.

Number of AppearancesEdit

It is to be believed that Pacman's critical overload has happened at least several times since the beginning of time, happening at least once every 30 billion years. Many think it is the work of Pacman eating all of the Ghosts in the Ghost Box until he has enough mass to create a huge gravitational well spanning many, many light-years, ultimately causing the universe to collapse in on itself in a massive implosion. Space itself collapses into itself, shocking the matter and causing a disruptive gravitational ripple. This results in a huge release of energy which starts the cycle anew.

The ScienceEdit

The actual size that Pacman is said to be when he reaches critical mass is at least 45 billion lightyears in diameter. (The equivalent of 2.645x10^23 miles), which is about half the current size of the entirety of the observable universe. The gigantic explosion is said to be the equivalent explosive force of 3 gigatons of TNT per square inch, amounting to at least ten million atom bombs, or 1.2552x10^19 tons of TNT every inch.