Common Depiction.

Jehova, sometimes known as the Christian God, is the creator of Pacman. He is the father of Jesus and the second uncle of Cheezus.

Cheese (1)

An offering.

Pacman Vs. JehovaEdit

It is told that Pacman wants Jehova gone in order to initiate full reconstruction of the universe in order to worship him, giving him total control of all humans. He plans to do this by reconstructing Cheezus, another reason why people tend to give him offerings to give Pacman some respect for his troubles.

Dead Sea ScrollsEdit


A sample passage from the Dead Sea Scrolls. Note the dots, sometimes referred to as the "Tetrapuncta".

In many of the recovered ancient manuscripts known as the Dead Sea Scrolls, the name of Jehova is rendered as a series of four dots rather than actually spelling out his four-letter Hebrew name. Few archeologists have considered the implications of this symbolism with regards to the relationship between Jehova and Pacman.